Department of Labor’s new overtime rule for churches is here!


For decades now, salaried employees earning more than $23,660 a year were largely exempt from overtime under a group of exemptions known as the “white collar” exemptions. As long expected, the Department of Labor today announced a new threshold: $913 per week, or $47,476 per year. The new numbers apply to workweeks starting December 1, 2016. Here is a .pdf …

Should my Missouri church adopt Chapter 355?

Missouri has two nonprofit corporation statutes. One is at Revised Statues of Missouri Chapter 352, and is called the “Benevolent” or “Pro forma” corporation. The other is located at RSMo. Chapter 355; it is called the “Missouri Nonprofit Corporation Act.” Chapter 352 is very old; it has been part of Missouri law since before the Civil War. Chapter 355 is …


Thanks for listening to today’s presentation. Here is a .pdf copy of my outline with filled-in-blanks. Basics of Representing Nonprofit Corporations 2015 Here’s a link to the Farrow opinion I mentioned. Here’s a link to the IRS 2000 Guidance on LLCs as nonprofit organizations. …and here is the update 2001 guidance with the 12 factors. Here’s the Secretary of State’s …

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Supreme Court strikes down ordinance that targeted church signs.

The Supreme Court issued an extraordinarily strong decision that protects the First Amendment rights of churches. This was a victory for small churches and church planters across America. In Reed v. Town of Gilbert, the Supreme Court faced a thorny situation: a town that targeted signs for “Religious Temporary Assemblies” with restrictive ordinances. Political signs had few rules, but church …

Mo. Bar CLE: 9-17-2014

Thank you for joining us today! My notes are available for download here. BASICS OF REPRESENTING NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Outside Resources/links YourABA Newsletter, Jan 2011, Lawyer serving as director of corporate client Please reach out to me if I can be helpful!

B2B Training – August 8, 2014

Thanks for attending today. My slides/outline are here: B2B 8-8-2014 Speech Let me know if I can be helpful to you or your business in the future.

Judge orders Corporation to seat trustees, pay $5.5 mil to firm client.

A Circuit Judge has ordered the Missouri Baptist Foundation, which administers over $152 million in assets, to seat trustee/directors elected by the Missouri Baptist Convention (a client of this firm). The Court also awarded $5.5 million in fees and interest, due to the “special circumstances” surrounding the case. In 2001, the Foundation voted to sever ties with the Missouri Baptist …