Whitehead helps author brief on Supreme Court prayer case for SBC’s ERLC

[Click Here for Brief — .pdf document]For Immediate Release Southern Baptists File Brief in Supreme Court Public Prayer Case WASHINGTON, August 2, 2013—Southern Baptist lawyers today warned the U.S. Supreme Court that judges acting as the “prayer police” risk committing the same errors that led to Daniel being thrown to the lions in the Bible. The Ethics and Religious Liberty …

Court of Appeals upholds win for local congregation

The Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, affirmed that Gashland Presbyterian Church, located in Kansas City, Missouri, did not create or consent to a trust over its property. Gashland had been sued by Heartland Presbytery, which claimed a trust on behalf of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). According to the Court, “Gashland, a local Presbyterian congregation, terminated its affiliation with the …

Mo. Laywers Weekley: Court finds insurer liable in car dealer case

Attorneys [including Jonathan Whitehead] who are handling a series of lawsuits against Chad Franklin and his Kansas City area car dealership business got some good news from a state appellate court about their legal theory. … See more at Missouri Lawyers’ Weekly.

FreshXperts Roundtable Slides

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Markdown for lawyers

I’ve been briefing for the past couple of weeks in [Markdown](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/) (or, [MultiMarkdown](http://fletcherpenney.net/multimarkdown/), more precisely), and it’s been refreshing. Markdown is a syntax for marking up plain text, but focused on the markup used in actual writing. The result is a blessed freedom from Word’s numbering and styles nightmare. After all these years, modifying some third-level point in Word will …

Judge Calls post-trial production a “Corrupt Production Strategy”

You don’t have to wait until the end of [the opinion] [] to figure out how Judge Royce Lamberth, Chief Judge of the District Court for the District of Columbia, is going to rule. Of course, waiting until the end is exactly the kind of conduct he is trying to deter in his May 9, 2011 opinion. >Imagine a standup …

MBC Foundation Order

A copy of the Cole County Circuit Court’s order partially granting the Missouri Baptist Convention’s Motion for Summary Judgment against the Missouri Baptist Foundation. Order

SBDTC Lenders Conference

Thank you for attending today’s conference!  I hope you found our discussion helpful. My slides can be found here: UCM Lenders Conf Slides I discussed Flowtown & Klout, which you may want to visit.  I also referenced FINRA Regulatory Notice 10-06 — you can find a summary and the full opinion at the FINRA site. If you want to continue …

CCEM Presentation

Thank you for attending today’s presentation! My slides are available here:  CCEM Presentation Facebook gets 500 Million Users Mashable Study Social Networking icons/list Facebook demographics IBM’s social media policy Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!