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Attorneys for Businesses, Charities, and Religious Groups

Jon Whitehead is a lawyer who understands the concerns of people facing litigation.

A 2004 graduate of Harvard Law School, Jon returned to Kansas City, where he worked for one of America's largest law firms and a smaller, regional firm.

In 2008, he started his own firm. He has represented clients at all levels of the litigation process, from local courts to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Jon has recovered assets and governance rights valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. He has helped injured people and entrepreneurs in business disputes. He has sued insurance companies that unfairly denied claims. And he has pushed back against government-sponsored religious discrimination.

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Areas of practices


Civil Litigation

We take cases where our special skills fit your unique needs. Small business ownership disputes, bad faith insurance denials, complex consumer fraud cases. We're proud of our customized handling of unusual cases.

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Personal Injury

We help injured people recover for harms they've suffered. We've represented victims of explosions, persons injured in equine activities, and people injured in vehicle accidents.

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Insurance Bad Faith

You've paid your premium, but your insurer has refused to pay what it should? Contact Us.

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Charities & Religious Organizations

From local courts to the US Supreme Court, we've represented religious organizations, and understand their unique situation. And we've helped many others stay out of court, using proven preventive legal strategies.

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Religious Discrimination

Federal and state law protects consumers, employees, citizens against religious discrimination. If you have been discriminated against, or if your employer is discriminating against others, let us help you.

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Jonathan R. Whiteheadd

Founding Attorney

Jonathan R. Whitehead practices civil litigation, including deep experience representing charities and religious nonprofits.

He returned to the Kansas City area after graduating from Harvard Law School in 2004 and he started his own firm in 2008. Jon has represented charities locally and nationally, in trial and on appeal, on matters of nonprofit governance and First Amendment freedoms. He also represents small business organizations in ownership disputes and insurance coverage matters.

In 2018, Missouri Lawyers' Weekly named Jon an Influential Appellate Advocate for his work on important Supreme Court litigation, like Trinity Lutheran v. Comer, 582 U.S. ___. He was also on the briefs for petitioners in 2022's Carson v. Makin, along with his father, Michael Whitehead. For the past eight years, he has been on the steering committee of UMKC's annual Law and Religious Freedom Conference. He has held roles in the Kansas City chapters of the Christian Legal Society and the Federalist Society.

Case Results

Landmark First Amendment Protections

Mr. Whitehead and others represented Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia Missouri. The State of Missouri operated a scrap-rubber rebate program, but discriminated against churches.

A "major church-state case" according to The Atlantic, and it produced a "landmark" ruling according many commentators, including Christianity Today, the New Republic and the Kansas City Star.

million in assets recovered

Mr. Whitehead and others represented the Executive Board of the Missouri Baptist Convention in landmark charity governance litigation. Five agencies tried to unilaterally break away from the Convention. After nearly seventeen years, the Convention recovered its historic rights in Missouri Baptist University, The Baptist Home, and the Missouri Baptist Foundation. The Convention's legal fees were ultimately recovered from the opposing parties' insurers. Past results afford no guarantee of future results; that every case is different and must be judged on its own merits Learn more


Mr. Whitehead represented a local church in a suit against Jackson County, Missouri. The suit alleged that Jackson County had applied more restrictive COVID-19 rules to houses of worship, compared to secular groups.

"We were going to lose," a County Legislator told the Kansas City Star.
Past results afford no guarantee of future results; every case is different and must be judged on its own merits
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I fully recommend this lawyer, he was working with me in a lawsuit for about 2 years, and finally he won our case in court, we always represent ourselves in the difficult situation that we were going through, with a lot of strength and integrity in what he does, the way he exposed our case to the judge was extremely meticulous and very profecional, he is always very kind and very attentive, he focuses a lot on communication and he always answers the phone, thank you very much Jonathan blessings for you and your beautiful family!

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