Solutions to Complex Litigation Problems

Jonathan Whitehead is a Harvard-trained lawyer practicing in suburban Kansas City, Missouri.

For more than a decade, he has advised clients in all phases of litigation. From complex commercial disputes, to fiduciary duty claims, to litigation against the United States on behalf of business owners, he handles a select number of litigation matters by referral.

He regularly advises small businesses on startup strategies, including LLC formation and risk minimization. And he advises technology start-ups, like, on creating legal tools for the next generation of lawyers .

And, he has acquired unusually broad experience in representing congregations and other non-profits. Churches regularly face difficult polity, governance, employment, and discipline decisions that have legal aspects.

Civil Trial Practice

Jonathan Whitehead uses experience and technology to solve difficult litigation problems. Even if your case might settle, you need a lawyer that plans to win at trial. Mr. Whitehead has recently:

  • sued insurance companies for “bad faith” refusal to pay proper claims;
  • represented entrepreneurs in ownership disputes;
  • represented more than 100 individual consumers injured by a dealer’s misleading advertising campaign; and
  • designed and directed e-discovery programs involving millions of records in multiple cases.

Congregations and Ministries

Mr. Whitehead has deep experience representing churches, charities and other nonprofits. He regularly advises churches and charities on governance and polity, and represents them in litigation. He has recently:

  • represented a local congregation in a dispute with a national denomination;
  • chaired the order of business committee for the world’s largest parliamentary assembly;
  • obtained tax-exempt recognition for charities; and
  • represented numerous churches in court proceedings.

A 2004 graduate of Harvard Law School, he previously practiced with Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal LLP, (now Dentons) one of America’s 50 largest firms, and Graves, Bartle, Marcus & Garrett, of Kansas City.