Digital Forensics

Digital forensics could be a key tool in litigation.

Forensics is more than just imaging hard drives.  Today’s new media-driven world means the information you’re looking for might be stored in the cloud.

Five years ago, all of your relevant data might have been on a laptop or desktop pc.  Today, you might be looking for e-mail, facebook postings, instant message conversations,  text (SMS) messages on a cell phone, or even “tweets” on Twitter.  “Phone records” are being replaced as VOIP phones take over business communications.

And it isn’t enough to know where data is stored.  What if the service says it can’t find the data you have requested?  Can your team verify the answers given by technology providers?  If your discovery plan doesn’t address new technology, you could be wasting client money — and damaging your own reputation.

We have expereince in digital forensics cases, and can help you design your new media / social media discovery plan.  We work hand-in-hand with digital forensics expert witnesses who can find and authenticate key information.