E-Discovery as a Service

If you’re like many lawyers at small and mid-sized firms, you’ve caught onto the SaaS revolution. “Software as a Service” lets you buy software when you need it, without worrying about upkeep or hardware. Services like Basecamp, Rocketmatter, and Clio are rapidly gaining market share.

We believe e-discovery should operate under the same model. Why hire more associates that don’t fit into your future? Why allocate overhead and resources to specialties that don’t advance your expertise?  Debating the finer points of Rule 34 and California’s new e-discovery rules should not distract you from your core business.

The Law Offices of Jonathan R. Whitehead integrates into your e-discovery matter. You only pay for our services when you use them — when the project stops, so do your responsibilities.

If you’re an attorney in a firm facing an e-discovery issue, please call us.